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The science and practice of human immunology

The science and practice of human immunology
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Eligibility Requirements

Membership Categories and Requirements

Regular membership is the most common membership type.  Regular members:

  • are engaged in research in the area of clinical immunology or have contributed to or are engaged in the practice of clinical immunology;
  • have an MD, DO, PhD or equivalent academic degree;
  • have made scholarly contributions as defined by the Council;
  • are active, bona fide representatives of the international scientific community with a specialty or interest in a field related to clinical immunology.

    CIS is pleased to provide graduated dues rates.  The cost for 2014 Regular membership in CIS is $50.00 for those who are one year out of training, $125.00 for those two years out of training, and $200.00 for those 3+ years out of training.

Associate membership is open to non-doctoral practitioners and researchers who:

  • hold a Bachelors, Masters, RN or equivalent degree with a demonstrated interest in clinical immunology.

    The cost for 2014 Associate membership is $175.00.

Trainee membership is open to candidates who:

  • are enrolled in academic programs awarding, and are candidates for, MD, DO, PhD, or equivalent degree, with a demonstrated interest in clinical immunology.
  • are participating in post-doctoral or clinical fellowship, or residency programs.

    2014 Trainee membership is Complimentary.

In addition to the listed costs above, all members may choose to add a print subscription to the Journal of Clinical Immunology at a cost of $20.00. 
CIS offers a discounted dues rate of $50.00 to applicants in countries with developing economies, and to members of our Partner Societies residing outside the US and Canada:

  • ASID
  • ESID
  • J Project Group

Application Process

Applicants for Regular and Associate membership must:

  • submit a CIS membership application;
  • submit a current curriculum vitae;
  • submit a statement outlining the applicant’s interest in the field of clinical immunology.

Applicants for Trainee membership must: