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The science and practice of human immunology

The science and practice of human immunology

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CIS volunteer opportunities

Advocacy committee

The Advocacy Committee meets on an as-needed basis to develop the extent and the manner in which CIS pursues actions to influence government policy at the state and federal level.

CME committee

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee is responsible for review and oversight of CME activity planning, interaction with planners and speakers, content development and review, and the management of commercial support for all directly and jointly sponsored CME activities in addition to oversight of the ACCME re-accreditation process every four years. This committee meets approximately four times per year via conference call.

Communications committee

The Communications Committee develops and oversees all communication and publication vehicles for the CIS membership, including but not limited to current and future journals and the CIS website. The committee is responsible for maintaining the WEBbook of Biologics on the CIS website, and meets approximately four times during the year by conference call.

Membership committee

The Membership Committee shall review the applications for eligibility on the basis of criteria approved by the Council including good moral and ethical character. The Membership Committee meets to approve members and discuss business approximately four to six times a year.

ECI committee

The Early Career Immunologist Committee is responsible for developing and overseeing benefits and programs for current and future Trainee Members. The ECI Committee will meet 4-6 times per year via conference call and will work with other committees throughout the year.

Program committee

The Program Committee develops the programming and abstract selection for the Annual Meeting, along with fundraising efforts and may be asked to moderate interactive discussions generated from the presentations.  The committee meets via conference call approximately six times during the program development. 

WEBbook updates

The WEBbook of Biologics is updated twice a year.  Volunteers will be assigned 2-3 compounds, for which the entries will be reviewed and edited.

If you are interested in providing your expertise by volunteering for a committee, the annual meeting, or special project, please email info@clinimmsoc.org for additional information.