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The science and practice of human immunology

The science and practice of human immunology
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Immune Deficiency Foundation

IDF Consulting Immunologist Program

A free service for Physicians

The IDF Consulting Immunologist Program provides physicians the opportunity to consult with expert clinical immunologists about patient specific questions and obtain valuable diagnostic, treatment and disease management information. Created to serve the needs of physicians who have questions about their patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases, this physician-to-physician service has been available since 1998 and has provided hundreds of free consults to physicians.

Patient issues range from interpreting laboratory testing to choosing appropriate medical therapies to working effectively with insurance company denials and questions. The consult might be about a newly diagnosed patient or someone who does not seem to fit any specific primary immunodeficiency diagnosis. All questions regarding patients are welcomed and requests are forwarded on to a skilled immunologists working with this program.

The IDF Consulting Immunologist Program

  • Offers free physician-to-physician consults regarding patients with primary immunodeficiency
  • Gives second opinions or consults on issues of diagnosis, treatment and disease management
  • Provides physicians access to a faculty of recognized leaders in clinical immunology to discuss patient issues

Physicians may access the IDF Consulting Immunologist Program at http://www.primaryimmune.org/healthcare/immunologist_prog.asp or call the Immune Deficiency Foundation at 800.296.4433, Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm ET.

The Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF), founded in 1980, is the national patient organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of persons with primary immunodeficiency diseases through advocacy, education and research.

On behalf of those with primary immunodeficiency diseases, IDF offers educational programs and materials that offer medical information, guidance about health insurance issues, important life management and patient care resources, and support for patients and family members. IDF supports advocacy to promote healthcare legislation and policies that positively affect the primary immune deficiency community, and research and medical programs that improve diagnosis and treatment of primary immunodeficiency diseases.

The Consulting Immunologists Program is funded by the IDF Core Service Sponsors: Baxter Healthcare, Biotest Pharmaceuticals CSL Behring, Grifols, IgG America /ASD Healthcare and Octapharma. These organizations are committed to supporting IDF at the highest level through unrestricted, educational grants.